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Is Xolo Maridueña gay Is Xolo Maridueña gay

Is Xolo Maridueña gay or has a girlfriend? Relationship status revealed!

Is Xolo Maridueña dating someone?

DC’s Blue Beetle, starred by Xolo Maridueña is set to release in August 2023 and is one of the top headliners.

As a young actor with little to 18 credits in his name, Xolo’s personal life in media is hazy.

There have been rumors about his sexuality, his relationship status, his lifestyle, and more.

Xolo, who gained widespread recognition for his role as Miguel Diaz in Netflix’s Cobra Kai, is also part of NBC’s Parenthood.

He is also well known for his diverse cultural heritage, including Ecuadorian, Mexican, and Cuban roots.

Coming back to the topic, let’s now get to know whether he is gay, is dating a girlfriend, or is married:

Is Xolo Maridueña gay?

Xolo has been at the center of rumors regarding his sexual orientation.

However, it is important to clarify that these speculations are entirely false.

As Maridueña has been in relationships before, we can conclude that he is not gay.

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Is Xolo Maridueña married?

No, the straight answer!

Xolo, 22, is still enjoying his bachelorhood, and is not engaged in any marital relationship.

All news about him being married and having a wife is false.

Who is Xolo Maridueña’s girlfriend?

Xolo’s girlfriend in 2023 – nope, he is single!

However, he was dating actress Hannah Kepple who played Moom in Cobra Kai before.

Xolo Maridueña and Hannah Kepple
Xolo Maridueña and Hannah Kepple | Image Source: Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

The two co-stars started seeing each other in 2019, and their love world lasted about two years.

Although the ex-couple always showed their fans adorable photos and videos on Instagram, after the split in 2021, they deleted all these posts.

Allegedly dated Mary Mouser

Mary and Xolo are the co-stars of Netflix’s Cobra Kai.

And because of that, both were once rumored dating each other.

Xolo Maridueña and Mary Mouser
Xolo Maridueña and Mary Mouser | Image Source: Presley Ann / Getty Images

Once in an interview, Xolo mentioned his first kiss with Mary. She then replied,

“Xolo, I’m Nervous, you are like a brother to me.”

Had an affair with Jayka Noelle

Jayka, the model, and Xolo had an affair, as reported by WhosdatedWho.

But, both Jayka and Xolo never announced their dating life.

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