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Kim Seon-Ho Bio Kim Seon-Ho Bio

Kim Seon-Ho

Kim Seon-Ho is a marvelous actor who has been able to win many Korean fans’ hearts with his incredible acting skills. He became famous among k-drama fans after a prodigious acting in ‘Start up’ and ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’. Kim Seon-Ho is also the most popular actor in South Korea.

Fact Table

Real Name Kim Seon-Ho
Birthday May 8, 1986
Age 37 years old
Birthplace Seoul, South Korea
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality Korean
Ethnicity Asian
Religion Christianity
Gender Male
Profession Actor, Singer, Model
Net Worth $5 million
Parents Father: Kim Yong-gun
Height 6 feet 0 inch or 1.83 m
Weight 76kg
Plastic Surgery None
Facebook @Kim Seon Ho (fan base)
Twitter @kimseonho_ph (fan base PH)
Instagram @seonho_kim

Kim Seon-Ho Bio

Kim Seon-Ho was born on May 8, 1986, in Seoul, South Korea. Kim is 37 years old. His father’s name is Kim Yong-Gun but his mother’s name has not been disclosed yet. Kim is the only child of his parents.

Kim Seon-Ho Wiki

Kim studied his primary school life at In-hun Middle School and he completed his high school at Samsung High School. He is a university graduate, he studied at Seoul Institute of the Arts to complete his college studies.

Kim Seon-Ho Net Worth

Seon-Ho is a popular actor in the Korean industry and has a net worth of $5 million or 6.65 billion Korean won. As Kim is a beloved actor and is being offered by many movies, his net worth may change in the future.

Kim Seon-Ho Net Worth

Is Kim Seon-Ho Dating Someone?

Sadly Seon-Ho has not much disclosed about his current relationship status. However, Kim has mentioned his ex-girlfriend’s controversy. Kim has mentioned that he had dated former weather broadcaster, Ms. Choi (Choi Young Ha), in March 2020. Later in July 2020 Kim and Ms. Choi found out that they were expecting a baby but sadly they had to let go of the baby after some serious discussion.

Kim Seon-Ho suspected girlfriend, Choi Young Ha
Kim Seon-Ho’s suspected girlfriend, Choi Young Ha

Kim had also mentioned that he cooked soup for two weeks post-Ms. Choi’s abortion. Later on, Kim introduced Ms. Choi to his parents without mentioning her past but Kim was having a tough time owing to their situation. Later on in the report, it states that involvement of harassment from Ms. Choi’s ex-husband.

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5 Facts about Kim Seon-Ho

Here below are some interesting facts about Kim Seon-Ho which would really amaze you.

“Dimple Prince”

Kim Seon-Ho is also known as Dimple Prince because of the alluring dimples that the actor has got. Kim has also shared that he got the dimples from his aunt and he is very thankful to her as he believes he inherited them from her.

More than 10 ongoing commercials

Kim Seon-Ho is also called the king of commercials as the actor is the leading actor of 12 different brands. Kim is seen in every different commercial such as mask and cosmetic products. It seems that with his lovely personality and handsome looks he has been successful enough to win many advertisers’ hearts as well.

Learned Surfing for ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’

For the movie ‘Hometown cha-cha cha’ Kim was offered to play a role of a professional surfer. For the role, Kim attended surfing lessons.

Started as a Theatre actor

At first Kim Seon-Ho started his debut as a theater actor in 2009 in which he played in ‘New Boeing Boeing’ and other several plays like ‘Rooftop Cat’. Later in 2017, only Kim became a television actor. In his interview he also mentioned that Kim really enjoyed his time while acting in theater.

First Flight was on 32

Kim’s first flight was when he was 32 years old and only because of family occasions. From then onwards Kim started traveling by airplane.


Who is Kim Seon-Ho?

Kim Seon-Ho is a KDrama actor, singer, and a model.

How old is Kim Seon-Ho?

Kim Seon-Ho was born on May 8, 1986, which makes him 37 years old.

Where is Kim Seon-Ho from?

Kim Seon-Ho is from Seoul, South Korea.

What ethnicity is Kim Seon-Ho?

Kim Seon-Ho is Asian by ethnicity.

Who is Kim Seon-Ho father?

Kim Yong-Gun is his father.

What is the net worth of Kim Seon-Ho?

Kim Seon-Ho is worth $5 million or 6.65 billion South Korean won.

Is Kim Seon-Ho dating someone?

Kim Seon-Ho is currently single, but was dating Choi Young Ha back in March 2020.

Is Kim Seon-Ho married?

No, Kim Seon-Ho is not married.

What religion does Kim Seon-Ho follow?

Kim Seon-Ho follows Christianity.

Has Kim Seon-Ho gone under the knife?

Kim Seon-Ho never had plastic surgeries.

How tall is Kim Seon-Ho?

Kim Seon-Ho is 6 feet 0 inch or 1.83 m tall.

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