DMCA Removal

DMCA Removal and Takedown

We do respect the Intellectual Property of others, and here are the ‘Copyright Infringement‘ procedures that apply to this website.

If you are the owner, and you believe that the content posted here on this site is yours, you can file a DMCA notification by completing a form on our Contact page. Please note that you need to send the following things:

  1. An electronic signature of the owner’s copyright.
  2. A proof to locate the copyrighted material.
  3. A URL of the post or image where the copyrighted material is used.

We also suggest you consult with your legal advisor before filing the form.

Once we verify it, it’s our policy to:

  1. Remove the infringing material or content.
  2. Notify the owner that the content has been removed.
  3. Remove the content provider from the portal if it is repeated.
  4. Finally, notify you with a proper email.

Thank You for your cooperation!